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  1. Overthinking React Redux

    When I'm learning a new technology I inevitably overthink it at some point. Good libraries work the way you naively expect, even if there's some magic under the hood to make that true. There comes a point where I understand enough about a library to start questioning my naive expectations …

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  2. 2017 Donations

    Published: Sat 30 December 2017

    In Misc.

    tags: life

    Each year around Christmas I make a set of donations to causes and organisations that I want to support. I do this all at once, because I find I'm a lot more deliberate about what causes I support and the amount I want to donate than I am donating on …

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  3. Is Linux Ready for the Desktop?

    Published: Mon 06 June 2011

    In Rants.

    tags: linux

    I wanted to be a Linux user since I first heard about it, and over the years I've made several attempts failed attempts to switch with various distros, Redhat and Mandrake mainly. All of these started the same way, I'd create a dual boot, I'd set Linux as the default …

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