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What's wrong with Hg? A philosophical discourse.

I use Git everyday. I can't imagine using anything else. But I have a soft spot for Hg. For all the awesome power of Git it feels messy & complicated. Hg just feels like a cleaner model, a simpler transition, it's easier to explain and seems like it should just work. But for all that I find it gets in my way a lot more than Git. What's going on?

I initially started my dvcs journey using Hg. I was predisposed to Hg from reading Hg Init, which was the first time I really got dvcs. With Hg I found all the usual benefits of associated with a dcvs. The freedom of local commits, branching and local history. But for carious reasons I gave Git a try, once I got my head around the way the different commands worked I really enjoyed Git. These days find I hard to use anything else.

But I can't put my finger on what is wrong with Hg. Perhaps it's just like wishing for the simpler times that never really were. Hg's insistence on immutable commits feels a bit purist and …

Is Linux Ready for the Desktop?

I wanted to be a Linux user since I first heard about it, and over the years I've made several attempts failed attempts to switch with various distros, Redhat and Mandrake mainly. All of these started the same way, I'd create a dual boot, I'd set Linux as the default with all good intentions of only booting Windows when needed. But these attempts always ended with me rushing to select Windows on every boot, finding using Linux day to day just too hard.

I did finally make the switch and have been using Linux as my primary OS at work and home for several years now and can't imagine switching back. Thinking back there are a several things that changed from those early attempts, few of which are directly attributable to improvements in Linux. The trigger oddly was Vista, or more specifically Peter Gutmann's analysis of the cost of the Content Protection in Vista. This set me to worrying and raised questions about whether I wanted to support what I still consider to be …